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In this world of sin
Hope has entered in
To rescue, ransom and to save
Heaven's promised One
Finally has come
And we will never be the same

Unto us a Son is given
Unto us a child is born
Though we walk and live in darkness
A light has dawned

Glory hallelujah!
The light of the world has come
Shining for everyone
Our Lord Emmanuel
Glory hallelujah!
The Word became flesh for us
His presence to dwell in us
Our Lord Emmanuel

Hear the angels sing
Glory to the King
And blessed peace throughout the earth

Come adore on bended knee
Christ the Lord the newborn King
Jesus, our Lord Emmanuel
Born to give us light and life
Born that we no more may die
Jesus, our Lord Emmanuel

Words and music by:
Michael Geiler
©2012 Crossed Out Music