1. Be Exalted

From the recording Undefeated

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You made the stars in the heavens
Fashioned the earth and the sea
Yet who are we that You're mindful of us
Almighty infinite King?

You know the sorrow we carry
You know the burdens we bear
You came from heaven to earth
As our Savior
And rescued our souls from despair

Be exalted, be uplifted
Be forever glorified
You have made us, You have saved us
Lord we praise and lift You high

Where can we go from Your presence?
Nothing is hidden from You
Nothing in all of creation
Will separate us from You

We lift up our eyes and we give up our lives
To You Lord, to You Lord
For great is Your name
And worthy of praise are You Lord
Are You Lord

Words and music by:
Michael Geiler
©2011 Crossed Out Music