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3 New Videos!

Hey all! Check out 3 new videos recorded at the last DELIVERED night of music worship at West Hills Church! Honored to share these songs with you, and I hope you are encouraged and inspired toward Jesus!


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he didn't realize that was what it was. We cienonutd to see each other, but I quite texting him, I noticed that I was pursing him. On my birthday we went to dinner, bought me flowers, two cards and then couldn't see each other for a week. When we could he said the relationship thing again and he did not feel that way and probably would never feel that way. He still wants to be friends and texted me two weeks after to see how I was doing. If there is not connection for him, wouldn't it be easier just not to contact me again and let it go. I was thinking about purchasing your program, but, would it be worth it in this case? I really cared about him, he has an awful schedule, soccer coach and seemed hard to schedule time with him. i'm 54 and so is he. Felt kind of manipulated into the friends with benefits thing ..

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